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About Investing

Property is the UK’s favourite investment. And it’s not difficult to understand why.


Properties are tangible. We can turn them into amazing and inspiring spaces. A man’s home is his castle.  Properties provides the environment for our families to grow, or a base for professionals to build careers and meet friends. They shape our landscape, and our very lives.


Historically, the value of property has doubled every ten years in the UK  - that seems strange after the last recession we’re emerging from, but it’s true nonetheless. Property has consistently outperformed every other asset class there is. Yes, it is subject to the cyclical nature of the economy and the housing market, that is true, but many will agree that investing in property - if done with knowledge and skill - can be ‘as safe as houses’.


Many people need their hard earned money to work for them. Receiving 1% interest from the bank just doesn’t cut it. When you take inflation into account, keeping your cash in the bank is actually costing you money.  To build wealth, money has to be invested. If invested well, this money generates both cash flow and capital appreciation, which can be leveraged to invest in more assets.


I’d like to invest in property, but what exactly should I invest in?


Many people have cash and they know they need to invest to get their money is working for them. Quite often what these people don't have is time. We are all very busy.  Sometimes it may be that you also don’t have the knowledge or the experience to know where to begin.


We are often asked “Where is the best place to invest?” or “What kind of properties are the best to invest in?”


Sometimes it may be that you simply don’t have the inclination to get involved. After all, learning a new industry takes time and effort. And anyway, you have much more important things to do, right? There are careers to be built, hobbies to enjoy, and precious time to spend with our families and loved ones.


This is where we come in. Check out our Sourcing page to see how we can help.