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Accreditted Letting Agents

Here at Dwell we believe in doing things properly. That's why we've been licensed and accreditted with the industry's regulating body since the day we started. 

ARLA Propertymark Letting Agents
We understand that Landlords have a choice of agency. Whoever you decide to use we would implore you to choose an ARLA Propertymark agent.

Why use an ARLA Propertymark agent? 
The lettings industry is currently unregulated meaning that anyone can set up and trade as a Letting Agent without any knowledge, experience, training, and with very little insurance. Clearly this is does not serve the interests of their clients well, but do their clients know?

Most Landlords still haven’t heard of ARLA Propertymark. They just don’t have the funding for the marketing required for them to become a widely recognised name. However, this is the leading regulatory body in the lettings industry that the government turn to for expert advice and when making policy decisions.

To be a licensed member of ARLA Propertymark, agents have to sit and pass exams to demonstrate they have sufficient expert knowledge covering health and safety, law, and property management. Not only that but their agents must operate a client account and follow strict client accounting rules which were developed for solicitors. Agent’s accounts must be audited annually by an independent Chartered Accountant qualified in auditing. Client funds must be reconciled and processed regularly and these funds must be insured with Client Money Protection (CMP) insurance. Here is a link to our Client Money Protection Certificate

ARLA agents have to follow strict standards of professional conduct and accrue points annually for ongoing training and development time.Without a separate client account that is reconciled regularly, it is common for client funds to get mixed up with business funds and before long the agent can’t tell whose funds are whose and often a financial mess then ensues..!

To see a full list of conduct and membership rules, click here

You as a Landlord can choose whoever you wish to manage your property, but without the above safeguards, it’s possible for your Letting Agent to vanish over night with your rent and tenant deposits, and there is no recourse for their customers. It’s for this reason that the bad apples have given Letting Agents in general a very bad reputation.

We’re sure you wouldn’t book an expensive holiday overseas without using a regulated travel company or without insurance. Why would you risk your biggest assets to the unregulated wild west of lettings?

With the pace that the private rented sector is growing, we find it hard to believe that regulation still does not exist in the UK. We avidly support the campaign for mandatory regulation across the industry to remove the rogue agents, to improve standards in our industry and the reputation of letting agents in general, who by vast majority provide a good service to their customers.

In 2019 Government announced that Regulation Of Property Agents (ROPA) is to be brought in. This means that any client facing member of Estate or Letting Agency staff must be qualified to an equivalent NVQ Level 3 or above, and company Directors must be qualified to an equivalent NVQ Level 4 or above. An implentation date has not yet been set, but it is exepcted within the next few years.