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Bramley Area Guide

History of Bramley

Bramley is a fast changing suburb of Leeds that lies between Armley and Kirkstall. Historically, the original village has been one of the founding parts of the City of Leeds since the Domesday book was created in 1086. Since then the area has rapidly expanded and is now a home for both families and professionals alike with plenty of properties to rent in Bramley.

Like most of its neighbouring towns, Bramley has an industrial background and combines most of its 19th century architecture with 20th century additions, mainly created during the 1960s to replace outdated and dilapidated buildings.

The Bramley Baths were built in 1904 and have been recently fully restored. They are a great example of Edwardian swimming baths, with a 25-metre pool, gymnasium and Russian steam room. The baths were used for dances during the early years, when the pool was covered with a large dance floor.

Bramley underwent a large redevelopment during the 60's and 70's to replace the existing shops, cottages and houses which were all in need of refurbishment. Bramley Shopping Centre became Leeds’ second built town centre after the success of Seacroft, but this it created some concerns amongst locals as the aesthetics of Bramley faced a rapid change. As a result, buildings with the modern designs of suburban housing soon overtook those of the old more industrial cottages and there is now a wide selection of property to buy in Leeds.

Amenities in Bramley
Bramley Shopping Centre, on Town Street is the dominant feature of Bramley's amenities with a wide range of shops and travel agencies, and banks.

Leeds City Council are currently giving the shopping centre a bit of a makeover, redeveloping the area to attract new operators to the area. There are a good number of shops within the Bramley Precinct on Town Street, as well as some great traditional pubs located between Bramley Rugby League Clubs Barley Mow and Rodley Hill.

As well as this, Bramley Park, amongst other small parks in the area, offer useful open areas for outdoor recreation, and community events such as the Bramley fireworks display, which takes place most years and sees a large surge of local residents joining in the fun.

A nice walking area is the Bramley underground reservoir ,at the highest point of the park, near to Bramley Fall Woods.

Bramley Juniors Football Club was established 1994 and runs with open-age teams. The club developed from one under-9s club in 1994. Bramley Rugby League club is the Bramley Buffaloes, and the Rugby Union club, the Bramley Phoenix Rugby Union Club.

Entertaining and eating out in Bramley
An area loved by the locals, Bramley makes a good pub night out, taking in all the regular watering holes.

Housing in Bramley 
Bramley boasts a lovely mix between old stylish properties and modern 60's built Semi-detached property.

There are two main areas, with more terraced housing in the East, and larger semi-detached and suburban housing to the West.

There is a nice mixture of private housing and social rented property. The property to let in Bramley is a mixture of a wide range and styles, from Victorian period property and back-to-back terraces, century old architecture ideal for the Leeds professional rental market, to more modern newly built pockets with detached and semi-detached homes that are ideal for family rental in Bramley.

Rental prices in Bramley and other West Leeds areas often enable a good saving compared to those of central  Leeds. Bramley is great value and attractive to those wishing to rent in Leeds without the heavy prices of Headingley and the city centre.

For those looking for investment property in Leeds, Bramley is seen as a great location. With a large number of good schools, the mix between families and professionals is a diverse one.

How to get to Bramley
Buses: Bramley has a main interlinking Bus service, with a bus terminal providing regular access in to Leeds City Centre and Bradford City Centre.

Rail: Bramley Train Station, located near the main shopping precinct in the centre of Bramley has access to Leeds City Centre and Bradford.

Car: Bramley has excellent access to the ring road and the city centre and connections to the City Centre, Pudsey and Bradford.

With open spaces, good schools and excellent bus and rail links in to central Leeds, Bramley is a hidden gem which is on the up. Perfect for young professionals and families, the demand for rental properties is now soaring making Bramley an ideal place to invest.

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