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Do Flats in Leeds Make A Good Buy To Let Investment?

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Published: 25/07/2018   Last Updated: 17/10/2018  
Tags: Flats In Leeds

I got talking to one of our Landlords the other day, and he asked me this question. It’s an interesting one and worthy of elaboration here. But this is essentially what I told him.

Flats in Leeds generally rent very well and they do get healthy yields. As usual location is key. For example. flats in the city centre - whether they be 1 bed or 3 beds - let like hot cakes and voids are pretty much non-existent. Maintenance costs are generally low and depending on the level of rent, tenant calibre is generally high. They may attract young professionals, or possibly students depending on the location and proximity to their university. Flats therefore are generally a relatively easy investment. The other positive is that you can usually pick up flats for a decent price nowadays. Which leads me on to me next point, the price...

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