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‘Where Should I Purchase A Buy-To-Let?’

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Published: 08/08/2018   Last Updated: 17/10/2018  
Tags: Buy To Let In Leeds

Ah the golden ticket! The panacea of the property investment world.

This is probably the most common question  I get asked by investors. It’s usually a telephone enquiry from someone we don’t know who has found us on google. They want short cuts and they want it fast.

Whilst it’s great for me to engage with new people, this is a question that can frustrate me on multiple levels.

Firstly, there is no right or wrong answer. It entirely depends what you are trying to achieve. Each area has its specific pros and cons. Some areas are better for capital growth, some for cash flow.

Which is most important to you?

Some areas attract professionals, some families, some students. What kind of tenant are you looking for? Are you looking for high yields, or is a long term pension pot more important to you? What is your risk profile?

Not only that, what works now in one location might not work in the same location in 2 years time.

Let me give you an example...

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