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Meet The Team


Lettings Manager

Rachel is our Lettings Manager with over 10 years experience in the industry  and a passion for property.

Rachel has been in the industry since leaving school and has vast knowledge of properties in Leeds and the surrounding area, she is always keen to help, prides herself on being hardworking and providing excellent customer service.

Rachel can often in her spare time to be found searching Rightmove/Zoopla looking for hidden gems and just because…she loves houses!
Likes: Rugby & Football, Dogs, Films, Gin and Reading.

Question:  What would be your dream home?

"Well ever since I was young I was smitten by Lord of the Rings, I dreamt of a hobbit house, beautiful, underground dwelling"

Sales Manager

Matthew is our Sales Manager and has been involved in property for over a decade, working across the full spectrum of market places in Yorkshire!

Matthew loves all things property….and brings a wealth of knowledge with selling and investing…if he is not helping our clients then he is helping his friends and family. “I feel I have a duty to ensure my clients, friends and family are getting the best price for their properties and getting the best return on their hard earnt cash” said Matthew.

Likes – Football, Rugby, property and peaceful getaways with my extended family.

Question – If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go?

"Vietnam…..I have been fortunate enough to travel the world…..the magic of Vietnam is second to none!"



Jon is the company’s founder and brings 15 years property experience, passion, vision, and drive to the table.

Jon graduated from Leeds University  in 2003 with a degree in Engineering but instead dived straight into property in 2004. Jon had 6 years agency management experience before setting up Dwell Leeds in 2012. In more recent years Jon has been his developing his investment skills and is building his own portfolio of properties.

Jon strives to ensure the company goes the extra mile and advises both one time accidental Landlords and also the most experienced Property Investors.  

Likes: property, learning, business, golf, craft beer, music, hiking, travel.

Question: If you were to get stuck on a desert island, who would it be with and why?


"Bear Grylls, so he could teach me how to eat al fresco!"




Property Manager

I have been in the property industry for over 30 years and feel exceptionally lucky I still enjoy my work. No two days are the same! I have seen lots of changes in the industry over the years, and in my opinion all for the better for both tenants and landlords alike. Previously I have owed a building company which has stood me in good stead in the subsequent Property Manager roles I have held during my career.

I enjoy searching for a bargain and therefore enjoy going to auctions and car boot sales.

The light of my life are my grandchildren who are a joy to be with!

Likes: Watching Ninja Warrior, Boxing (watching not taking part!)

Question – If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go?
"Russia & Japan & China to see the Terracotta Army"

Mr Fix It

'Handyman Extraordinaire'

Our Handyman Extraordinaire is the “The Stig” of the trades – no one knows who he is but his trusty tool belt is his calling card. Mr Fix It can turn his hand to a variety of jobs from decoration, plumbing and all round general home maintenance.

He’s a great asset to the team at Dwell as he can be the first port of call for any maintenance jobs, can provide quotes for works for all our managed properties and having a knowledge of the Dwell property portfolio, has a history of any previous maintenance work stored in his mind, as well as his trusty black note book, so he can quickly provide a solution to any problem.

Likes: biscuits, cups of tea, trips to the sea side with his family, early mornings and late nights.

Question: What does a handyman really keep in his tool belt?
'Now that would be telling….!'


Cat (& Ginger Legend)

When the going get toughs, Bob gets going. You'll find him strutting around generally providing moral support, purrs of approval, and the occasional wise meow.

Bob has highly purrfected his “cat nap” abilities but in his wilder moments can be found partaking in some Cat Nip delights. There’s never a dull moment with this little rascal is around - but he has a heart of gold and loves any attention passed his way. 

Whilst he doesn’t have any professional property accreditations, Bob is very good at making himself at home wherever he might be.

Likes: mice, cuddles, cat biscuits, sitting on keyboards.

Question: If you had a super power what would it be?


"Meow meeeeeeeeeeeoowww meow meow purr puuuuuuurr!"