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Platinum is our flagship service and top tier of property management. Platinum includes all the great features of Gold, as well as some amazing additional benefits for Landlords.


This is total peace of mind property management.

  •  Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection. You will be paid regardless of whether the tenant pays or not. Legal expenses are covered up to £50k, if for example you needed to go for an eviction. An insurance policy is taken out by us on every tenant, not just the lead tenant, and we renew these policies for you every 12 months
  • Gas certificate renewed for you every 12 months
  • EPC included where required

We recommend Platinum in all cases, but especially in the following scenarios:

  • If you are a first time landlord
  • If  your property is in a moderate-high tenant risk area
  • Where your mortgage repayments are a similar amount to your rent
  • If you have no provision for non payment of rent
  • High rent properties